Benefits of Prestressed Concrete

Picture of a tankOrange County

Prestressed concrete tanks mean lower total cost, minimum maintenance, and dependable service over the life of your system.

  • Low Initial Cost
    The initial cost of prestressed reservoirs is competitive with alternate means of construction.
  • Low Maintenance, Long Life
    All surfaces are concrete -- no painting is needed (can be painted if desired) and they never rust. No interior maintenance is required, which means no downtime for maintenance drawdowns.
  • Quality Construction
    Our tanks are built by specialists who have the unique knowledge, equipment, and crews necessary for this work and the proven track record which assures quality construction.
  • Watertight
    Prestressed tanks are constructed with an impermeable steel diaphragm encased in the wall which is placed in permanent ring compression -- guaranteed to be watertight.
  • Versatile
    Our tanks are custom built in the field and readily adapt to a wide variety of applications and conditions.