Precon: The Best Choice

Precon's Offices in Newberry, FL.

Precon is located in Newberry, Florida. Our crews build tanks across the Southeastern U.S.

What makes Precon the best choice:

  • Experienced Leadership
    Precon was incorporated in 1980. It's founders have been designing and building tanks for over 25 years.
  • Competitive Pricing
    Precon's participation in the bid process will insure competitive pricing.
  • Flexibility
    Precon uses proven proprietary methods to design and build the tank that best suits the requirements of its users, the site, and your budget.
  • Experienced Labor
    Precon maintains long-term employment relationships with crew men and women resulting in experienced crews that build the highest quality tanks with the maximum efficiency.
  • General Contractor
    Precon not only specializes in prestressed concrete but is also a general contractor. Our managers and crews have the construction experience for any job, whether a small isolated tank or an entire treatment system.